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sheriff sands in ecuadorChristine Ann Sands

I’m half Russian, 1/4 German, 1/4 from Spain. A Langenscheidt publisher descendent. Al Capone burned down my grandfather’s distillery on the southside of Chicago. My other grandfather chiefed the Spanish Consulate in Mexico. I was born in Reno, Nevada where Rothschild has its USA roots */ **  same town & year where Marilyn Monroe filmed her last movie. She died on my birthday, and I was raised in the USA.

I’m 1 day younger than Obama. Baptized in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized when i was 18. I run the Anonymous World Map.  My background is in law, medicine, finance and filmmaking. I graduated from 8 trade schools and attended 5 universities, but the CT Dept. of Labor told me “that’s basically nothing.” Spent a month acting on The Lone Ranger w/ Johnny Depp, but I’m not into Hollywood blinding the population to the 6 million dead children who die from starvation yearly or the 20,000 kids who get trafficked through the United Kingdom.

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I Grew Up in Springfield, Virginia

Washington, DC is my hometown, and I have every God-given right to be Sheriff of Washington, DC and overthrow the U.S. Corp. (not U.S.A.) government in the name of my dear sweet Lord Jesus Christ for this:  PentagonMoney.com.  About being U.S.A. Militia General, this is true. There are many of us.

Christina Nevada was my Film Handle

Never took my clothes off, but Steven Seagal film agents begged me to.  I took the job as Shepherd, cuz the witch from Hell governor tanked the film industry by giving all her idiot oil friends tax breaks after taking them away from filmmakers.

Year of Jubilee is in Effect

7 Billion People to 1,400 Billionaires is 5,000,000 to 1

U.S.A. Militia General Sheriff Sands

Rolling ⇒ SandsRadio.com

God’s “Law of Love” Trumps All

Clintons are Freemasons | Bushes are Freemasons | Jesse Jackson is a Freemason

I stopped keeping lists of my articles long ago.  


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