Christine Ann Sands aka Sheriff Sands – The Polymath Poet

Psalm 61:1
Baptized in the Jordan River at age 18 where John the Baptist Baptized Jesus

muse. Russian, German and Spanish (Madrid) heritage. A Langenscheidt. Born in Reno, Nevada, August 5, 1961: same town and year where Marilyn Monroe filmed her last movie The Misfits. Marilyn died on Nevada’s birthday.  Al Capone burned down Nevada’s grandfather’s distillery on the southside of Chicago after refusing to pay protection money.  Father worked at Fort Belvoir and mother was the Ambassador of Venezuela’s administrator in Washington, DC.  Was married to a former Egyptian Diplomat.  Single 15 years.

Nevada grew up in the Nation’s Capital. Worked as a magazine editor for NAIOP; as a liaison for RCA Communications to the Federal Communications Commission; for HBO’s Comedy Festival in AspenSargent Shriver’s law firm; for Fox Television as voice talent; Ross Perot’s technology company; Ron Paul’s political campaign; sold mutual funds for New York Life and worked at Vail Airport marshaling jets, night operations and ticketing. Worked also at Grumman Aerospace in administration, sold shoes, was a waitress, construction worker, stock clerk at Dart Drug, caregiver for the elderly, board-certified esthetician and nail tech, make-up artist for Chanel, as a red coat skiing at Vail Resorts, manager at Macy’s Department store, webmaster and acting. Cast in: The AvengersLone Ranger with 1/2 naked Johnny Depp, PerceptionLongmireWe’re the MillersIn Plain SightOdd ThomasVegas and  Grey’s Anatomy.

Pioneered the field of naturopathic dermatology. Authored a book and web site where millions of people with the world’s #1 skin disorder were freely helped and where Yale Dermatology referred their physicians and patients.

Spearheaded a Supreme Court case in the Constitution State regarding judicial conflict of interest in the matter of police corruption where the State legally represents the police and pays salaries of judges in the Superior, Appellate and Supreme Courts.  Names withheld to protect the victimized youth; but, inquiring legal expert mind researchers may view online.

Contrary to popular YouTube videos, never worked for the United States government.

Opened her home to any stranger who was sad or afraid to help people suffering with depression and anxiety through

Plays some violin, guitar, keyboard and sings. Used to lead worship and Bible studies at church.

Speaks English and Spanish.  Traveled Amsterdam, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece, London, Rome, Canada Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and much of the USA with many comical and inspiring experiences. Spent 5 months camping solo from Tijuana to Santa Barbara in 2011.  A personality somewhere between George Carlin, Mother Teresa, Carol Burnette, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres and Clara Barton.

Favorite comedians: Tim Conway, Leslie Nielsen, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin and more.

Favorite television: Turtle Man, River Monsters, Gator Boys, Animal Planet, Discovery, History, Science and Travel Channels, I Survived, Mythbusters, I’m Alive, Creature Comforts, Austin Stevens (RIP Steve Irwin), Two and 1/2 Men, The Office, George Lopez.

Favorite magazines: Discovery and Scientific American.

Attended/graduated eight trade schools and five universities: CT School of Broadcasting, John Casablancas Modeling, Stage Acting, Glenwood Beauty Academy, New York Life Securities, United Airlines Los Angeles, American University, University of CT, Central CT State University, Central New Mexico State University, Manchester Community College, New Horizons Graphics & Web Design and The Washington DC School for Executive Admininstration.

Served the public as Shepherd for the New Mexican Governor’s Council on Film and Media Industries exposing lawlessness of NM Governor Susana Martinez and was the first to expose the Mario Brito scandal at Occupy Los Angeles.

Having returned from a 4-month tour in Nashville and continuing in the world’s fight against corruption, Sands occupied the streets of Washington, DC 24/7 for 6 months in the Anonomobile and took on the role of DC Sheriff to encourage the overthrow of the United States government for lying to the American people about 9/11.

Supporting WikiLeaks and Anonymous while working to end Satanic Pedophile Cults in London.

Currently declaring U.S. civil war.