BIOGRAPHY | Christine Ann Sands *

Voted Chair of The New Fed by Popular Demand
and Creative Director of World Militia Public Television Network (“WMPTN“)

General Sands, World Militia Interpol Bureau Chief

General Sands, World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector

SOS @US_NavySeals | Amended | Isaiah 61


A muse and God-appointed sheriff, chiefGeneral and dragonslayer*/ **/

Creator of World Militia Public Television Network and author of Articles of Reorganization in the matter of U.S.A. vs. U.S. Corp.

Sands has Russian, German and Spaniard heritage and is a descendant of the Langenscheidt publisher dynasty.

Born in Reno, Nevada, August 5, 1961 less than 24 hours after Obama where Rothschild has its USA roots. */ **

Born same town & year where Marilyn Monroe filmed her last movie “The Misfits.” Marilyn died on Sands’ birthday.

Al Capone burned down Sands’ grandfather’s distillery on the southside of Chicago after refusing to pay protection money.

Sands’ father got his PhD in geography and made maps at Fort Belvoir. Sands is the World Militia Mapkeeper for Anonymous.

Sands’s mother for 7 years kept the books and schedule for the Ambassador of Venezuela stationed in Washington, DC.

Sands married an Egyptian Diplomat. Raised three children:  Actuary daughter, ER Surgeon daughter and Musician son.  Single 16 years.

Work Experience

Sands grew up Springfield, Virginia in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Worked as:


Graduated 8 Trade Schools and Attended 5 Universities
  1.  CT School of Broadcasting (Radio & Television Film Production, Editing, Broadcasting)
  2.  John Casablancas Modeling
  3. Stage Acting (Impromptu)
  4. Glenwood Beauty Academy (Esthetics)
  5. New York Life Securities (Life, Accident, Health, Series 6 & Series 63 Licenses)
  6. United Airlines Los Angeles
  7. American University (Communications)
  8. University of Connecticut (Acting)
  9. Central CT State University (Documentary Filmmaking)
  10. Central New Mexico State University (Filmmaking)
  11. Manchester Community College (Acting)
  12. New Horizons Graphics & Web Design
  13. The Washington DC School for Executive Admininstration

Contrary to now unpopular YouTube videos (thank you very little), Sands never worked for the United States or Russian governments and is not just a massive software program.   How to Spot Controlled Opposition.


Opened her home to any stranger who was sad or afraid to help people suffering with depression and anxiety through

Plays some violin, guitar, keyboard and sings. Used to lead music worship and Bible studies at churches. promoter.

Speaks English and Spanish.  Traveled London, Amsterdam, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Rome, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and most of the USA with many comical and inspiring experiences. Spent 5 months camping solo from Tijuana to Santa Barbara in 2011.

A personality somewhere between George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Mother Mary, Joan of Arc, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Leslie Nielsen & Tim Conway.

Favorite television: Impracticle Jokers, Turtle Man, River Monsters, Gator Boys, Animal Planet, Discovery, History, Science and Travel Channels, I Survived, Mythbusters, I’m Alive, Creature Comforts, Austin Stevens (RIP Steve Irwin), Two and 1/2 Men, The Office, George Lopez.

Favorite magazines: Discovery and Scientific American.


Matthew 7:15-20
You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

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