Damage is Done

Can’t fix a broken brain
Can’t call a place home
Can’t pray for the insane
Only hope is a drone

Cuz the damage is done
Rain or shine
Nothing won
See the sign

No God here
Just the vampires
Nothing to steer
But death and liars

Cuz a little salt
On the rotten meat
Can’t make it taste
Like anything sweet

Just leave it alone
Walk away
Happiness disowned
Nothing else stayed

Day memories
Are living nightmares
Just more when I sleep
Why all the cares

Scoop out the love
of the mom I once had
nothing from above
all’s left there is sad

Heaven and hell
Gave up my belief
All by the spell
Of evil and grief

Family and friends
Just wishy wash
Better is the end
No more josh

But for the very few
Who stood for should
Their own rescue
Is the only thing good