Death Signup

5am now
and an hour ago
dad woke me up not to say hello
was cuz mama fell down
in her bedroom again
couldn’t stand up
my dear mother hen

Her feet wouldn’t go
she was gettin’ so mad
hating me so
for being so bad
helping her walk
to the bathroom
when really it ought
be to her own tomb

She screams to my pop
help me, help me
cuz I’m changing her clothes
and that gets her angry
but she’s wet on herself
so that way it must be
Oh how her life
is truly crappy

So dad prays and he prays
and when he does I just cringe
as he casts out the devils
wish I had a syringe
to put my mom out
of her poor misery
cuz this is not good
though I’m feelin’ guilty

Oh what shall we do
as she’s wasting away
do we take her to Oregon
trails as they say
to sign up a doc
to help end all of this
and give her the drugs
for her eternal kiss

and dad’s scared
so am i
i just gotta be strong
cuz he needs me so much
for now i am the mom
he held me so tight
how he needed that hug
this little boy grown
just needed love
cuz in his hands
is a wife
of 55 years
and all that remains
is left in tears

my heart pounds
body shakes
while i am being brave
never knowing which one
will go first to their grave

Oregon Death with Dignity Act