The Night Before Death

’twas the night before death
and all through the house
the demons were playing
in dad who’s a louse

and mom’s checked out
of her own little head cuz she’d rather not be here
she’d rather be dead

but the world is a game
life and death but a card
and it ends up the same
although easy or hard

when you cannot remember
the ones that you loved
cuz ur brain’s in a blender
reality shoved

wondering if the spirit
is inside or out
all your past in one minute
memory all in drought

brought back just the outcast
latched onto the hate
with enough of a blast
to fly to Hell’s gate

who fills your mind
with this non-stop fury
the men so unkind
smoke your mind til it’s blurry

mama i say
are you dead already
or did you still stay
and turn out to be deadly

they say it’s not you
but i beg to differ
cuz i know my own crew
and you sure ain’t no actor

but how can i hate you
for hating me
when it’s really not true
cuz you can’t even see

i don’t know what to say
just that hating feels better
you know the cliche
i’m so hurt i feel anger

so what is the lesson
in your losing your mom
cuz i can’t find a blessing
in any one psalm

so tomorrow i go
to see you in church
will you recognize me
so i’m no longer Lurch

and i’ll finish the poem
when I do come back
what will be my anthem
and plan of attack

i’ll go hold your hand
in your mean little place
yeah that’ll be my plan
pray your thoughts all erased

so that what is left
is nothing but love
and give praise for the theft
or your care from above