Only Love Helps

came here to care for mom and dad
dad’s 82 with degenerative disc disease
lots of times pain is too intense to talk
sucks cuz the one thing he loved to do
was work on the yard
and now he just looks at the yard
wishin’ he could work out there

and mom’s in advanced stages of alzheimer’s
some days she doesn’t know the difference
between the telephone and water
and that sucks
she’s like a lost puppy
and all she wants to do is follow dad around
and now that dad isn’t getting around
well I wish they could just play cards together
but mom doesn’t know how to do anything anymore

married 55 years
and because I’m here they can still be together
otherwise mom would have to go to a home
and dad would be alone

I see the pain they live in
Although they lived their wholes lives for God
And this is how it ends

And when I go out
I see the young
All about what they have
And who they are
how cool and how big they want to be
the power
the sex appeal
i wonder if they can relate
to what awaits them
if they are lucky enough
or unlucky enough
to grow old

as much as this world
has more beauty than anyone could ever contain
it just doesn’t seem the place to want to be
when I see unloving and selfish people
and people who hurt who can’t help themselves anymore
what’s the world really all for
when some live in ecstasy
and others in misery

I wish I were God
To fix the minds of the haughty
And fix the bodies of the sick
But not even He does that
Doesn’t make much sense to be God
If you don’t fix what’s wrong
Or is it just a matter of time
Before everything gets fixed

And in the meantime
The only thing that helps is love
Cuz some things you just can’t do anything about