Take Mama Home

God almighty
Maker of Heaven and earth
In You, by You and through You
All things were made

I awake
Trembling in the night
And by my rented bedside
I see “Footprints”

Do you carry
The mother you gave me
Her mind lost now
In this dreadful disease

Where is she
Where is she going
Why do you let her suffer so
When she loved you so much

The love she had
Now turned to rage
Doped up
And retarded
An angry bull
Who suffocates to think

And I fear
In her sickness
The demons in her
who pound on my door
and scream
to die
to go to Hell
and who hit me over and over
with no end
Yet no demons in her
For you promised never to leave her
and in her You live
and You cannot live
in the same house with demons

Where are you now lord
For I have sworn evil at you
For your distance
Your fault in no deliverance

As I pray you take mama home now
not even I wish she remains here
Not like this
Not with the life she has here
Mercy Jesus
Mercy God
What do You see that I cannot

Will you fix her?
Will you deliver her from Alzheimer’s
Or from the pain of years on end
Have mercy oh most powerful
God of all creation
Have mercy
Take mama home
Call her home
To the mansion you prepared for her
To be with You now
And her family there so sweet
Who will meet her at the gate
Rescue mama
Deliver her from agony
deliver us

But who has Your ear
Your mind
Your power
Your foresight
When, Lord
Will your mercy take mama home

Cradle her in your arms now
Free her spirit
Give her life
For life here
now is death