Bankster Cats

who listens to cries of men
or the cries of young boys
sent to wars
our children

widows and orphans
left behind
missing limbs
are we all blind

not the pawns in this game
these the congressmen
not the numb on the streets
nor their own children

obama lied
about Guantanamo
while Romney put his money
avoidin’ taxes offshore

Clinton got his dick sucked
then lied to us all
and the ones who get fucked
are the ones with no balls

who now will listen
as the great dollar falls
takes 2 cents to make a penny
ain’t no gold behind it all

been a hundred years
with Banksters at rule
making money from sratch
charge the interest to fools

who now will listen
when the game that they played
got too big for us all
trapped us all as their slaves

to those who have heard
what now will you do
continue all the ass kissin’
too afraid you’ll be screwed

hand the batton
of suffering to babes
just catch all the blood
while the murderers rave

another war
another dollar
another game they just play
911 made 9/11
puppets through the CIA

who now will listen
who now will act
to take back America
from the bad Bankster cats