Does God have a plan

who knows which way
my little home goes
the cities so shitty
no time there for pity
just horns and alarms
going off all the time
no green
only seen
are high rises and crime

and in Coronado
life’s a fairytale hole
where the families have babies
like rabbits tenfold
and the military
make it all seem okay
as they train up the men
‘cross the world for to slay

and the children just play
or just cry as they stare
their illusion
saint Nicholas
soon will be there
and all while the san Andreas
fault keeps a build
yes, the pressure keeps mounting
on that little hill

oh the beaches so glorious
draw all the crowds
so many so only
customers allowed
no place to go pee
and no place to park
every day turns to night
alone in the dark

so i travel all up
and down beautiful coast
every night drinking wine
and making more toasts
to strangers i meet
who must be my brothers
but can’t wait to do me
for all of their druthers

yes i am alone
save pet eagle and rocks
to them i’m a hero
cuz they can’t even talk
lest not i forget
my pistachios, too
though i’ve eaten them up
and so now they’re just poo

homeless i am
like a mangy stray cat
a goddess on earth
how about that

the trash trucks awake me
so do ladies a chattin’
and the joggers a runnin’
to the noise they keep addin’
and while i’m asleep
in my subaru camper
young men come to rob me
but their crime i hamper

i am but a leaf
blowin’ in the sea’s wind
but more like a rose
who just wants the end
and behind my back
is the sun setting down
all the beauty i’ll miss
cuz i won’t turn around
for my cold little toes
feel the warmth of the sand
buried underground
does God have a plan