Love makes the world go round
and there is a God
He created us and free will
Because He wanted us
And for us to have choice
He took the penalty for our evil choices
Or there would be no justice Romans 3:25-26
For in His mercy
He gave His life as ransom for us Matthew 20:28
And He calls us His bride Isaiah 62:5

He made us co-creators
But not more powerful
And spirit beings there are
Satan is a fallen angel
Not omnipresent and nor omniscient
For only God knows the thoughts of man
And He knew you
And called you by name Isaiah 49:1
Before the foundations of the earth were laid

The church
Not walls built by men
But people … created by God
Religion:  merciless rules
Governed by lawmakers
Whom Jesus criticized and called Pharisees Matthew 23:23
Don’t you know
We have been released from the law Romans 7:6 Are no longer under the supervision of the law Galatians 3:25
For even the  marriage law  was used as the example:
“So, my brothers, you also died to the law, that you might be married to Christ” Romans 7:4
We are no longer under the law Romans 6:14
All is permissible 1 Corin. 6:12 & 10:23 …
“though not all is beneficial”
Christ was the end of the law Romans 10:4 & Galatians 3:19
For God said
I desire mercy, not sacrifice Matthew 12:7

But all the ugliness of man
Is mirrored onto the image of God
The blame for allowing atrocity
The creator is nailed for
He who gave us free choice
But be not weary in hopelessness
For He did set limits
Mortal death is a limit
One that ends suffering
For better is the day of death
Than the day of birth Ecclesiastes 7:1
And no one understands
That the righteous are taken
To be spared from evil Isaiah 57:1
Death had to be repulsive
Or all would die chasing their delights
Flesh is but an adornment for the soul
But the spirit remains forever

Who then is God
Take all the good in men and women
For both were created in His image
And mirror that onto the face of God
For this is God
And take all the embraces of your physical senses
And this is the touch of God’s hand upon you
To warm your back with the sun in the cold
To quench your thirst and your hunger
Serenading your soul with music
His medicine of laughter
And the visions of nature and love you behold
For all that is good
Is of Him

Faith is belief in Him
Faith comes by hearing
Hearing the word of God
He will not force Himself upon man
If there is something wrong
It is not He who is wrong
It is in our misunderstanding of Him
For man has said much wrong about Him
Even the wrath of God that fell upon Egypt
Was nothing more than last warnings to heed love
To set the captives free
And though the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
Psalm 111:10
He made perfect love cast out all fear
For they use the same biological pathways
And the only thing He asks of us
Is Love Galatians 5:14

Faith is a tool
Use it
To believe
What in your mind
You cannot achieve
Like boots you need in the jungle
When animals lurk at every step to devour your flesh
The magical war boots of faith
To light your way
And lead you through darkness
Consider all tests of faith
A gift from God
The master trainer
Not given to oppress
But to teach to press
On Him
It is He who answers prayers
There is no faith
leaning on your own understanding
it is not your task to know how He makes a way
if it were
There would be no faith
The faith that moves mountains
Is the faith of a child