Peace and Love

through toil or snare
lord, you are there
like the stars in the night
you keep us in your sight
though we fall
you’re our all
and in us you delight

shall we cry
in despair
when you’ve said
that you care
when the men
of this world
have on us
death unfurled
when sadness
or fear
rush in like a storm
you are there
guiding care
holding us
in your arms

the pains in this life
and the lessons still learned
will attain for us all
a new glory in turn
unfolding to us
your plan for us all
in which freedom is counted
in humanity’s fall

there is nothing
no power
that challenges thee
neither height of the heavens
nor depths of the sea
even death has no grip
in atrocity
no more tears
no more pain
in eternity

and in this present day
when the cries of our sons
and the hurt of this world
our flesh overcome
I still
see your hand
and mercy from above
you protect
and then bless
you are peace
you are love