Peace Belongs

The moon lights the night
because You made it so
Stars shine so bright
forever always glow

Who can count the ways
Your light shines on everything
sunrise and set delight
diamond things

All the wonders that You’ve made
in sky, on earth and sea
all creation made to love
embraced with birds to sing

Mountains and the sun
are there for us each day to bring us peace and confidence
of Your ever-present way

The glory and the wonder
of all things great and small
with these You do remind us
‘tis You that cares for all

Grace and majesty
of the whole universe
was made for You and me
to please us for our worth

For in this beauty
that You hold
it’s us You call Your bride
on streets of gold
Jesus foretold
Eternal Love abides

The choirs of the angels
fill souls with joyous songs
blessed be this fable
for in hearts Peace belongs