Dear God,

I am sorry I didn’t trust you.
I am sorry I blamed you for the evil that men do.
I have cursed you many times over,
yet you still draw me to you.

All the things that have caused me turmoil
You have made good.
Sickness, disappointment, misfortune
You turn into strength and knowledge
You replace pain with compassion
and insight to encourage all that everything works for good.

I have challenged you.
I have sworn against you.
I have tried hard to forsake you,
yet you have not forsaken me.

Take this vessel.
Cause it to sail in your wind.
Allow me to be used
To set the captives free
To bring healing to the brokenhearted
To shine a light of hope on wounded souls
To stand against evil with no fear
and lead the people to your rescue.

Take me captive.
Never let the world steal my love for you.
Help me to pray for my enemies
that their hearts and minds may turn to you.

Forgive me for blaming you
for the evil men do.
Sharpen my spirit
to be keen to you.

Rise up my soul.
Let all that is within me
Bless His holy name.