Satan, did God hurt you?

Satan did God hurt you
Did he leave you in pain
Did he make you kiss his ass
And then whip you in your brain

The fire he made
To burn your soul
for sex and drugs
and rock n roll
the evil that all blame you for
was it God like in Job
who started this war

The ones who pray
For health and love
Are just betrayed
Nothing from above
They starve, they die
They bleed, they cry
For years on end
can’t say why

Satan did God hurt you
his own lamb slain
even the most righteous
beaten and bloodstained

He separates the wheat from chaff
And in the process
just laughs
What game is this
That you guys play
You’re in this together
lead us all astray

No one good enough for him
All conceived into sin
Pain from the day that we are born
then all through eternity mourn

Satan did God hurt you
to make you for this
to fill his world with evil
the dark abyss

And all the others that fell with you
Why did they fall too