When we trade this place

No dopamine fix
And religion is sick
Can’t turn back the age
No place on the stage
but there’s still an influx
of people to fuck
everyday’s a new day
for something to play

wake up at night
in the middle of fright
adrenaline kicks in
calm down the spin
the same hamster wheel
no different deal
same game different day
nothing to say

but a little sun comes in
through the shades again
dare I reach for some hope
another day to just cope
choose my emotions or mind
when’s the end of this time
the end of the rainbow
will I be high or will I be low

all is mixed in
in the life of sin
the good and the bad
all that I’ve had
will it ever be okay
for happiness to stay
or is that only left for dead
when we trade this place instead