Walked away

When life you cannot fathom
For the God you trust is dead
Then delete Him from the kingdom
And trust yourself instead

There is no rationale
In saying the sick get well
For all are doomed fatale
Lest we all go to Hell

All unanswered prayers
All of your despairs
Ignoring all your cares
Make sense when He’s not there

When your brother’s full of evil
And claims to be of God
The life of being cruel
Goes well with the façade

Those who chain themselves to laws
As they’re beaten black and blue
Their dying cause
Brings not His grand debut

No seeing is believing
No hearing is the call
No goodness is the damning
The writing’s on the wall

For it’s easy to blame the man
Or the demon for the bite
But when God Himself has ran
It’s not really black and white

All around are the mementos
The cross, the shroud, the wars
still the unresounding echoes
of all the closed doors

yes all can understand
if Jesus was really just a man
why God’s invisible hand
never touches Christian wasteland

it brings peace to the soul
when you know that every sneeze
is not the devil’s patrol
to bring you to your knees

but walking away from belief
after all these 50 years
comes with its share of grief
mixed with fear and tears

though the torture and pain
are all explained away
what happens to the love
that you experience today

is it lost forever
or does it change its form
the life that will be never
the hearts that will be torn

all those inside their graves
rest in peace and have no worry
but to sadness are the slaves
those still here, love dead and buried

so some say they becomes gods
not like He who betrayed them
who ruled them with a rod
and created them in sin

others say we blend like atoms
become one with all the rest
with Hitler and Uncle Tom
no needing to be blessed

oh will the future open its mouth wide
to tell the story so
we can see inside
to know where we will go

is the god of this world
the bankers and such
or Lucifer himself
with his nasty touch

the good and the bad
must they all go to blame
to each their own had
or are they all the same

to those who don’t care
to ponder this mystery
or those who don’t dare
for they’d rather be free

who is chosen I ask
or raised for destruction
who was given that task
who seeks instruction

is there something alive
greater than i
when I cannot survive
will I see that mind’s eye

and if that be the case
will they see why I left
all my steps traced
understand why I wept