Who are You

who do you think you are
and why do you think you are that
is who you are because you’ve come so far
and that’s why you’re a cool cat

or do you wonder
if what you can be
is too asunder
so you’ll never be free

is the rock of your soul
the dream that you chase
and the prize of your goal
what makes you an ace

the potter, the mother
the hooker, the judge
the actor, the gangster
the one with the grudge

who are you, i say
don’t you see what i do
all these acts are but pathways
and not really you

for you are much more
than right now you could know
and you could never be poor
though you roam the ghetto

all these masks and parades
all the walks of your life
are all just cascades
to follow Pipe Piper’s fife

all to the same place
and all just for love
all the clowns and the frowns
to be together above

so let not you dismay
what you think you can’t be
for it’s all just foreplay
in this life you shall see

for all the downtrodden
on this planet earth
are the great stars in Heaven
through Jesus rebirthed

one in the spirit
yes this be who you are
trust now this poet
and muse at the bar

shed all of your notions
your plans and your schemes
your fame and your fortunes
and all of your dreams

for you’ve already become
a joint heir with Christ
and that’s who you are
the Creator’s bride and dear wife

and all of the rights
of the good loving king
ought be your sights
in everything