Hand in Hand

General Sands
calling God the Most High
You atoned all the evil
in this world
I cry

Reach down with your plan
to the land of the dead
raise them all up now
give them water and bread

cleanse all the lowly
who from birth were tortured
make them all holy
free from pain and adored

to the weak
make them strong
to the strong
make them pure
filled the world
with your hope
and with love
all be cured

no dream
nor imagine
can stop what You do
all things must obey
for none can challenge You

scroll up all time
so that worry not be
let your heart be mine
I pray on bended knee

The future is bright
The Force hath now come
Sorrow be end
for Thy will be done

every breath
every thought
every moment awake
every care
every lot
every step
that we take
now it shall all
be in glory and truth
for a King hath come
with kindness to rule

No matter all weakness
your victory abounds!
you found all the broken
set it homeward bound!

Your shield and your sword
that guardeth our souls
it is your very breath, Lord
all Earth healed and whole!

And the greatest reward
is your friendship with man
to love and to hold
bride and groom
hand in hand