At Peace I Shall Be

Tired can’t sleep
for what I can’t keep
for what’s feeling good
and what’s feeling bad
Turn about to fix
all the little ticks
while thinking some sad
and even some glad

Then the moment I say
it’s all really okay
catch my toe on the rail
feelin’ the need to wail
Back to the same place
where it’s grace in my face
struggling to reach the cloud
where peace is allowed

And I was almost asleep
until the phone rang
it was him who I like
the one I want to bang
But even he
is not made for me
no not the match
can’t say meant to be

I’m on a seesaw
the ups and the downs
like a rollercoaster
with smiles and frowns
Gotta get off to sleep
give it up raw
so rest I can keep
tone down all the hoopla
Yes letting it go
that which worries me
so content I am
and at peace I shall be