if u think ur going crazy
you’re not
you’re just anxious
crazy is what people are
when they go around
doing things that seem strange to others
and don’t seem to care at all
but that can be a good thing

don’t let the definitions of this world
trap you or confuse you
though normal is good like Aristotle said
when he talked about the mean
it’s never the geniuses that are normal
Jesus wasn’t normal
heroes aren’t normal

it’s not whether you fit in that matters
how much love and mercy you have
is all that really counts
everyone has issues
some are just a little more exposed
is all
and i’m pretty sure
God allowed imperfection
to teach us to love despite it
and to bless us
with knowing what it’s like to
give and get mercy, grace and forgiveness

remember that the wisest ones
are the ones that understand humility
your standing in the sight of God
whose mercy is neverending
and that’s why there’s still evil
cuz God’s still giving those people a chance
and to some, mercy is crazy

you want to live in a box of norms
or outside of them for fun
it’s only for the pioneering spirit i say
to be bold and confidently different than

christians think i’m nuts because of freedom
and non-believers think i’m nuts because of my faith
but i am content in my own soul
though i operate much outside of both those norms

in a world where all styles go
all faiths permitted
all colors accepted
lifestyles respected
who is to say how you are to be or to think
and to call you crazy
only those with young minds
who are as of yet unable to understand
that there is no need to live caged by norms
and that really the things that are most different
are the ones that lead to new plateaus in growth, insight and discovery

i’m sure the first guy
who said he wanted to go to the moon was crazy
and those who wanted to be president
or professional sports players
were told they were crazy
don’t you ever allow any man
especially those “in authority”
or those who call themselves experts
or those who wish to hurt you like ex’es
plant a single bad seed in your precious mind
because their impressions of you are meaningless
in the mind of God

and know what God says about you
you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)