Happy Now

Can’t look to the front
Can’t look to the back
to stay one
gotta be in the now
so moo like a cow
to get your smile
yeah … just like that

now jump like a frog or play your ole fiddle
bark like a dog
or sing this little riddle
cuz if you wanna be happy
gotta listen to your pappy
sayin’ baby
just smile like that

now the past has gone by
and what’s yet ain’t come
and we know you wanna try to be cheerful like the sun
so just put it all aside
and let your mind decide
just to smile cuz you want to like that

dream baby dream
let your heart just sing
grab hold of the faithful hope train
fly honey fly
let your thoughts go by
just keep the ones for your airplane

cuz the past is gone
and the future hasn’t come
and all you really ever got is now
so child stop your worry
and don’t be in such a hurry
better pat your back and take that bow