I hate holidays
cuz they’re just in your face
In many ways
I’d just prefer mace
When u don’t have a mama
on mother’s day
It makes you feel
like hell that way

and although I like food
on thanksgiving day
I’d rather just give it
give it all away
to people who have not
no food to eat
but instead we are gluttons
fill our bellies with treats

And christmas, too
better sing the blues
cuz the world blows the cash
they don’t have
values lose

well they
just make you feel old
I’d rather just walk
off a plank

Filled with ghosts
Devils and witches
No heavenly hosts
Heads with stitches
bloody faces to shoot
All just to scare
ur mind to pollute
and the candy beware

And valentine’s day
Yes reminds me that I’m
Alone in this world
Without a love chime
Then feed me all that
Chocolate, too
to make me sooo fat
that my chances are through!!

And Easter I see
Is a contradiction
For I see all the suffering
like the crucifixion
every moment it continues
through day and through night
no end to atrocity
no end in sight

I detest holidays
all filled with grief
and when they are over
I find my relief