Home is in You

The rainbow comes
from the rain
and there really are
growing pains
so don’t wrap your head
around all that’s wrong
cuz the challenge
makes you strong

When u don’t have answers
and start to worry
drink some patience
don’t be in such a hurry
Whether it’s love or money
that’s got u down
All worry does
Is make you frown

It’s nice to care
just means you’re good
But God has your back
needs understood
Feeling alone
Don’t know the way
Pick up His phone
He’s calling you today

Don’t know where’s home
It’s everywhere you go
Although you roam
you’re never solo
See God’s really got
you in His hands
Although you’ve doubted
you’re in His plan

God lives in you
You live in God
Yes, this is true
no façade
And Home truly
is where the heart is
and you shall see
that you’re in His

More than just
a state of mind
you ought trust
He is divine
To love and care
for you my dear
He is aware
of every tear

Have a little faith
In whatever it is
You need in life
That you are His
He will provide
a way for you
and by your side
He is there, too