Lighthouse Way

You take some drugs
so to feel a little giddy
But what u want are hugs
when life gets pretty shitty

They say anger is what motivates
you to make a change
So channel, dear, all your hate
ur life will rearrange

Can’t blame it on anyone
Well maybe for a day
But when years on end go by
gotta pull out of your haze

Never too late
when the sun comes up
to try another time
No need to wait
’til your all pumped up
from drinking beer and wine

Cuz all energy spent
on feelin’ low
really is intended
to power you up
and help u get
ur tough lil broken heart mended

So do get mad
cuz that’s just fine
but not so at yourself
cuz ur the one that wants this change
that’s why you don’t feel swell

Like a ship in the storm
lost at sea
look for the bright lighthouse
Then sail on toward
your sweet reward
that’s the way out of the madhouse