Nobody needs perfect

I run to the poetry
I say is divine
as if all of my fears
are resolved with a rhyme
But alas it is so
as I type with my hands
that the peace sets in
like the promised land

Must I say to you all
what has triggered my fright
The apparent downfall
was a dream in the night
It came to my papa
and he said with despair
My dear, darling daughter
you’ve a demon beware

And immediately
as my mind raced about
the fear set in
like a body wipeout
To believe in your dad
when he says such a thing
that a demon you had
and to home you did bring

Oh God of heaven
though my life is not perfect
my heart wants what’s best
can’t agree with dad’s verdict
doesn’t pass the test
the nightmare that came
to him as he slept
contradicts his own game

Cuz if he believes
that the bible is done
how can I trust him
on this fearful one
For all of the stars
in the sky are still there
and if You are here
there can be no beware

Oh dear lord I ask
that you comfort my father
Give him rest and assurance
that there here be no bother
And the pieces that he
does not have in his hand
of the puzzle amiss
I pray you in command

My father and brother
let him not shake my world
every time he says something
that makes my toes curl
Let you be the father
of both of our souls
and guard us with love
from all that is told

but i thought and i thought
well could it be so
did i bring home a demon
from the bar i did go
did it jump onto me
and ride home in my car
all the way from
the nice little bar

did i do bad
to drink wine and seek love
and i started to think
of reasons from above
that God would have warned me
by sending home demons
and i kept on fearing
all of the reasons

felt nauseaus and sick
from the words of my father
went inside the house
to see if he was bothered
but he lay fast asleep
all alone in his bed
i prayed that dear God
would comfort his head

it was then i walked out
to see all the stars
when came even more comfort
despite the night’s scars
and i reached for the hand
of the lord to help me
figure out all the fright
that my daddy gave me

and we have, it is done
and the lesson this be
to all who are frightened
by the words of many
look up at the stars
shining brightly at night
rest assured that your God
has you blessed in his sight

and think not of the ones
who sometimes are wrong
even your parents
who’ll be brothers for long
and in times of a crisis
when their words have derailed
your God towards you
never has failed

for they also are young
and allowed to be wrong
nobody is perfect
good words for this song
not mama, nor papa
nor sister, nor bro
for all in this life
shall forever grow

and the best part of this
is the strength that we gain
when we know despite all
with Christ we shall reign

just in case u ought know
how this story ends
while in the nice bar
i read Jesus poems
i gave food to the hungry
and listened to cries
of those who had stories
of their friend who near died
I left faith, hope and love
what i wanted to give
to those at the bar
for whom we ought live