You’re not coming back

The sun is gone
And it’s not coming back
The song has been sung
And there is no playback

It’s all been changed
The smile’s not found
Life’s rearranged
The body’s underground

Like punched in the gut
But the shock never leaves
And now there’s a casket
And everyone grieves

Can’t wish you here
Cuz that dream can’t come true
Eyes filled with tears
Just wanting you

What are you thinking
Do you know how we feel
Our hearts are just sinking
Can’t believe this is real

It’s just a bad dream
Cuz we know you’re alive
Your spirit redeemed
You really survived

Though we search all the earth
To be united and find you
You passed onto new birth
and we don’t know how to

Oh what we would give
To have you again
With us here to live
forever Amen

But the pull of it all
Is forward we go
Onto the call
It’s the only thing we know

The hope of our faith
That ties us together
For our good God saith
There’s life everafter

Still the whole earth mourns
For the loss of your stay
Our stomachs are torn
Cuz you’ve gone away

Pray for us now
As we miss you in pain
To help us somehow
Before we go insane

Cuz the loss is too great
There’s no one to replace
The one we await
You and the grace

Lord give us grace
because we can’t
Help us in this place
Our souls enchant

Be the magic
That cures this ill
To go from tragic
To make it until

The time when we
Are all together
For then we’ll be
There forever