Own the Day

when someone has lied
and you want to go hide
when bad comes up
and you feel like throwing up
own the day

when your best friend’s mean
and your bo came clean
when the money’s all gone
and you’re feeling all withdrawn
own the day

see if you’re gonna be a mirror
for all the things you hear
your shine will surely fade
and by life you’ll feel betrayed
so own the day

just as cinderella said
as she sang inside her head
in your corner you can be
all the things that set you free
just own the day

now it’s up to you to choose
if you sing the old time blues
or the songs that lift you high
that it don’t matter if you die
so own the day

when there’s noone else around
and you are the only sound
though lonely is your heart
it’s your words that do impart
so own the day

don’t let other things make you
you be the one to hold onto
cuz this world was made that way
to be directed by your say
so own the day

why let others steal your joy
there’s no reason to be coy
cuz your world is what you make it
no matter how they take it
just own the day

and this remember in your mind
when the world seems so unkind
you can bring hope to the land
with good words and loving hands
you own the day