Rest in Love

are you trembling tonight
does the world leave you in fright
here’s my love
my peaceful dove

put your head in my hands
for the world’s at my command
i give you love
hold you above

and when you’re reaching for me
you’re in my hands don’t you see
all the good that i made
is for you don’t be afraid
feel my love
you are my love

i’m here always to stay
and by my side there is a way
nothing is too great for me
and by my side you’ll always be
i give you love
please take my love

when mountains fall and the earth shakes
you and yours i’ll not forsake
i gave you breath i give you life
in eternal love you are my wife
feel my love
i need your love

and everything that has gone wrong
if i could put it in one song
it would be this to tell you dear
that there is no need to fear
for i am king and you are queen
and i know all that is unseen
and you may trust me as I Am
the prince you seek
the innocent lamb
Prince of Peace and God of man

the world i give to you
and my own heart you have this too
and you shall reign with me forever
you are cleansed no more a sinner
my bride you are white as snow
this my dear yes you must know

be at peace my precious babe
for all i have to you i gave
my life i laid down on the cross
but i consider nothing loss
you see i know all things in time
are mine

so darling rest your little head
all through the day and when in bed
for i’m at peace with you
and yes i live inside you too
day and night my heart is yours
for truly you I do adore
you are my love
you have my love
rest in our love