Take it Slow

What if you didn’t know
What if you didn’t know
Why the Indian at the corner store wants to kiss you
Or if you’re really a girl or a guy
Or how to best make your green beans
Or even if you should know why

What if you didn’t know
That you were right
When you were wrong
Until someone
sang you a song
What if you didn’t know

And when you see George spilling all his guts
About something spiritual that drives him nuts
And you feel just the same though you are so far
Cuz you all know the blame as you’ve reached for that star
Just that George didn’t know
Though someone told him so

Baby the answer didn’t matter
As much as all the love
Cuz the vibes that end the chatter
Are all one from up above
Don’t matter if you know
Don’t suppose you need to go
Just take it slow
Take it slow
Let love grow