The Upside down life and the Holy Grail

I work from bed
and just give instead
but not like a hooker
more like an anchor
and what I gain
appears like pain

for to men
the rich are better
the ladies in gems
and cashmere sweaters

but it seems i give more
though nothing i have
but old broken doors
and used up salve

no closets in my poor lil home
no dishwasher here
and no room to roam so the trampoline hangs up on my window
yes here in my little homely chateau

sheets and blankets for curtains are dangling
all furniture used
upstairs I hear bangin’
next door is a stalker who loves to abuse
sometimes I wonder if he’ll do my hangin’

but i’m a good fairy in the land
a lovely goddess to man
and just as in the fairytale
livin’ in search of the holy grail

and i guess i’m just banking
on the upside down world
where what you give is what you’re keeping
after life has unfurled