Think on These

Let Your Mind Dwell on These Things

Philippians 4:8

8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Think these
Speak these
See these
Be these

happy you
high spirits you
satisfied you
blessed you
blissful you
cheerful you
chipper you
content you
delighted you
ecstatic you
elated you
glad you
gleeful you
gratified you
jolly you
joyful you
jubilant you
laughing you
merry you
peaceful you
peppy you
playful you
pleasant you
pleased you
sparkling you
sunny you
tickled you
upbeat you
gentle you
highborn you
imperial you
kingly you
queenly you
wellborn you
praiseworthy you
deserving you
congratulated you
adorable you
admirable you
commendable you
excellent you
exemplary you
fine you
honorable you
keen you
pillar you
salt of the earth you
select you
slick you
stellar you
swell you
worthy you
lovely you
beautiful you
charming you
amiable you
attractive you
beauteous you
delectable you
delicious you
delightful you
enchanting you
engaging you
enjoyable you
exquisite you
gorgeous you
graceful you
gratifying you
handsome you
nice you
pretty you
rare you
splendid you
sweet you
winning you
superior you
wonderful you
accomplished you
champion you
choicest you
desirable you
distinctive you
exceptional you
first-class you
first-rate you
good you
great you magnificent you
outstanding you
premium you
priceless you
prime you
striking you
superb you
supreme you
tiptop you
top-notch you
world-class you
friendly you
serene you
at peace you
calm you
collected you
composed you
easeful you
free from strife you
gentle you
harmonious you
mellow you
on good terms you
restful you
smooth you
tranquil you
undisturbed you
untroubled you
liked very much you
admired you
cared for you
cherished you
delighted in you
esteemed you
exalted you
fancied you
held high you
preferred you
prized you
thought the world of you
treasured you
saved you
eternal you
loved you