The Universe Was Built to Repair

Can you break, battle or cry
Without needing to be sad
Can you make a mistake, tattle or die
Without it being bad

When the young and old
Have the same disease
And it’s all foretold
There will be crises
all that is wrong
May be all that is right
For that you can be glad

What’s all mixed up
Is like cake and the batter
When it blends all together
No it doesn’t even matter
Cuz what comes at the end
Through the heat and the fire
is the cake godsend
for all to desire

so when your guts are wrenched out
and your nerves all amiss
it’s quite okay to pout
but do add a little bliss
mix it all together
the good you can add
the ingredients of life
for all you’ve ever had

and when tears and sorrow come
feeling burned and overdone
let fear and trouble go
just open up the window
the wind takes it to a place
where it’s all good by grace
and the breeze clears the air
cuz the universe was built to repair