Your Friend the Panic Attack

Unless you’ve experienced a panic attack
You haven’t experienced the highest level of fear
Here you will learn to love the highest level of fear
this the fight or flight response
whose sole purpose is to save you

The only way to stop panic “disorder”
is to love them
because perfect love casts out all fear
since love and fear use the same biological pathways
You must not want
to get rid of the fight or flight response entirely
because it can save your life
but as you learn
to love and appreciate them for who they really are
just a poor lil misunderstood bulldog
Desperately trying to save your life
you will
overcome this disorder
the root of fearing them
will end

 Having suffered panic disorder for over a decade
I know a lot of things that help
And a lot of things that bring them on
But only one thing that can stop them
The one common denominator in all
Is you
For it is you who brings them on
And you who ends them
Nobody has the power to do this
except you

Fear calls them
and if you fear them
they come
they have no clue you fear them
they come only to rescue you
love what tries to save you
understand their character
their sole wish and purpose
and you shall begin to love them
as you should

So many things can trigger them
So we curb chocolate, caffeine and nicotine
Learned positive thought replacement
To exchange the dark thoughts for loving thoughts
To focus on the positive
We stop the future hypothetical negatives
like the “what if’s”
And the overly-reflective negatives
in the “I should have’s”
Embraced healthy boundaries in relationships
So that chronic abuse ends
And learned to rest
To encourage ourselves in our thoughtlife
And to underreact
To understand that if we feel we cannot breathe
It is only because we are merely forgetting to exhale
And so we count our slow exhales
for it takes twice as long to exhale
out for 8 counts and in for 4 counts
But still we are plagued by panic
So we still feared them
And they came
Again and again
year after year
Crippling us in our social lives
and in our thought lives

The drugs
Our only true physical defense
From the terrors of the panic
So we thought
Never quite realizing the power of our own mind
The true trigger
And the true cure
The stronger our minds
The harder the panic hit

And the Bible says
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind
And that the truth will set you free
To let our minds dwell on whatever is lovely
And worthy of praise

The key you ask?
What is the key in ending panic attacks
It is not wise to indefinitely end them
To make friends with them I heard once long, long ago
Is the best way to end their disorder
But how can you love what terrorizes you?

This is how
Panic attacks were given to protect you
Not to harm you
What God gave to protect you cannot harm you
This is why no one has ever died of a panic attack
Panic attacks come to rescue you
They come to help you
To give you strength
To help you fight an enemy
They are not your enemy
They are your friend
They are your most faithful friend
For it is they who come to you
Every time you are afraid
Even if you are alone
They come even without you asking
For they understood your fear
And believed you called them
For without knowing
In your fear
You called them

And when you are afraid
They always come
Because they come to help you
they come to rescue you
and to give you strength
your blood they gather
from your hands and feet
though it makes them feel a little cold
to bring to your torso
to save your vital organs
and from your head, too
making you feel lightheaded
to help alleviate mental stress
and all that rushes into your torso
to save your life
this physical phenomenon
though it makes you tremble
and feel sick to your stomach
in both directions
it is to save your life
it cannot harm you
for thousands upon thousands of years
it is your savior
your rescuer

Whatever you focus on will grow
If you focus on the fear
The fear will grow
If you focus on the symptoms
The symptoms will grow
Focus on the fact that they help you
Learn to accept the truth about them
That they are your faithful friend
They are your strength in time of need
Learn to appreciate them
And to love them
And to welcome them
For this is the truth
They are your friend

And when you need them
And you feel them coming
With great excitement
Greet them
And say come !!!
Come because you are my help
Come because you are here to rescue me
And to protect me And have confidence in the strength they will give you
In ever a time of need

And when you find that they have come too quickly
It is because you called them
They hunt you not
It is you they serve
You they wish to protect
They love you
And they listen to you
Far more than you have learned to listen to yourself
They came because they want to protect you
So gently
With love and thankfulness
Say with smiles in your heart
Thank you for coming my beloved friend
To help me
But I’m okay
I assure you my dear protector
That I need you not right now
And I laugh at how much you love me
And I love you for thinking of me
And for caring about me
And for being there for me
But I’m okay
And they will understand
That you do not need them right now
And they will go away
Because it was the fear that called them
And because you will no longer fear them
The fear will fade

The fear you felt
They could not understand
Was fear of them
Because they are part of you
Because you are the master
And they are your devoted slave
They did not understand
That it was they you feared
But that fear they felt
Like fuel to their fire
They felt your fear
And they came strong like an army
To help you fight
They did not understand
They could not understand
That the fear was of them

So this be the lesson
Fear not
But when fear comes
Fear not your helper
These the panic attacks
For they are your deliverer
Your rescuer
They came only to help you
And when you learn they are friend
Not foe
They will not come again
Until you call them
Because they came
Only to help you
When you were afraid
This because
they love you
and so love them, too

and when the fire runs through your body
as their army rushes in and through your veins
feel their warmth as loving hugs
as warm embraces from your friend