Zoo with a View

Our view of the world is a reflection of our thought life, so we have to take responsibility for that. Dream big, think up, don’t be afraid of defeat or victory. Build skills on when to let go and when to hang on with “Boundaries.” Never lose sight of compassion, and don’t try to be God. Those who suffer too much are mercifully set free into the next world. Just around the corner a perfect eternity awaits those whose hearts have Love.

In the meantime, it’s a zoo in an expansive universe, great with both Glory and Hell with all kinds of creatures: some nice and some not so; but, one thing is sure: whatever you think about is your truth and gets bigger … even if your truth isn’t true. Although there’s wisdom in the counsel of many, we have different callings. In that, be at peace and confident. Laughter, struggles, pain, lack, romance, injustice are all just creatures in the zoo, and all the creatures are in training.

Be close to the ones who serve you well in love, and pity those too selfish to receive it. Be not haughty, for not one is perfect, and it’s ugly in the cage of arrogance. Careful not to build your castle on the sand, because in the end you’ll lose it. Don’t give up hope for Comfort, because the real truth is that Love is eternal. That’s the Castle, that’s the Holy Grail, that’s what the training is about, that’s what makes all creatures one, and that’s the only thing that will give the joy you seek.