Lords of Torture

information overload
feels like my head
is gonna explode

smart as a whip
only some know the lingo
political drip
to make you feel you’re a dingo

can’t touch your toes
can’t touch your nose
get blown around
everywhere the wind goes

leave all to them
the guys on tv
who talk, gaulk and bok
‘bout reality

but nutin’ seems to change
all keeps getting worse
the machine to kill us all
it’s a great big curse

do we believe the lie
that we’re too small to fight
do we stay inside our homes
filled with spite and fright
do we act like nothing’s wrong
party day and night
and put our heads into the sand
like the ostrich
it’s our right

shall we gather on the streets
or will military men
stop us in our tracks
tryin’ to save the world again
will they spray us with their pepper
will they shoot us with their drones
will they hit us with their clubs
just to make us all go home

‘tis the rich behind it all
those who control the men
who pit us ‘gainst each other
as they sit and push their pens
give the order
sound the call
make all men hate men and then
destroy the population
just so there’s more room for them

nay, we shant become their fools
nor sign up for all their wars
yes, we will stand up against them
all these the corporate whores

deaf ears to all their orders
to cheat and kill for score
the evil Lords of Torture
shall be no more