In His Hands Now

Michelle ReeceFrom death to life we pass
in a moment

inertia calls us home
we all go

just as we entered
onto earth
’twas this way
since day of birth

all so clear
5th dimension
keeps us near

some precede
some will follow
the time we go
may be tomorrow

to Michelle, the door was opened
your life, your light
now joined with Heaven

bliss, ecstasy
peace, joy and grace
yours forever
now always

no power on earth
could stop the way
of God
who numbered all your days

time to explore
the galaxies
to meet all Saints
and Heavenlies

the Holy Spirit
our brother Jesus
grandma and pa
mark, mama china

we wish you well
and from us still here
bon voyage
precious dear

the time is near
await the rest
we’re coming, too
when we pass our test

so smart you are
now on tour with the stars
newly arrived
living beyond the skies

God took you home
gave you your name
had His eyes on you, girl
the bride He claimed

what shall you say
to your own mama love
who weeps for you
a psalm from above

michelle reeceparadise, mama
it’s so very lovely
soon enough you’re coming home
just think of me in all my glory
everything that i now touch
is alchemy, new profound powers
all i’ve ever, ever wanted
i have so much
so many flowers

mom and dad
i love you both
jeremy and sarah
i love you and you
jayruh and angelina
wuv ya,  wuv ya
sarah, michelle, ryan
i love you, too
to all family and friends
i’m thinking of you
and know i know this
that you love me, too

no fears or worry
this is not goodbye
this is i got here first
keep your heads up high

michelle reece 1we rule the universe
just a temporary ciao
God has us all together
in His hands now