Anonymous: The American Way

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

you’re just another letter
in the mail
that ended up
in the Gov’s trash pail
no place for your vote
really to matter
to them you’re just
meaningless chatter

bush entered into
iraq war for oil
barack sealed the deal
with more spies on our soil
war oil money
the bush cheney chime
just make up some terrorists
so truth becomes crime

the ballot lost
to end the war
cost nothing for
the oil whores
won’t hear your cause
won’t hear you moan
but they sure can listen
on your phone

revolt, revolt
with occupy
media blackout
drones in the sky
magic markers
your only defense
against the crimes of the Gov
bullshit nonsense

no matter the men
who sit on thrones
and order children
to kill with drones
the American flag
only belongs
to those who hold true
the tune of its song

forefathers revolted
against tyrants’ rule
it’s time once again
to take down fools
the US Gov
altered your constitution
now spy, torture, kill
is their main resolution

get ’em out
get rid
of the powers that be
who are holding captive
whistleblower Chelsea *
toy soldiers of bankers
US military
killed civilians for oil
the money
the greed

Gov sold out
to the military
declared truth
as the enemy
but the power to save
came through WikiLeaks *
cuz God says truth
sets the captives free

is self-defense
for unconstitutional
revolutionists play
ends government crime
the American Way