The Calling

who is made to die an orphan
or born to kill to make one
do you wake up every morning
to be called under the sun

the evil raised for destruction
can’t find hearts if you try
CIA with deadly missions
no lovely reason why

you look around the corner
and try to touch the sky
out of reach for everyone
can’t change what’s born to die

awake, awake ye souls
if there be left in you
one last chance for anything
in life for to rescue

kings of all the gold
gods of all the men
your soul is what you’ve sold
in exchange for the top 10

tremble to the bone
feel the torture that is now
silent are the moans
should your hand choose to allow

as the sea opened up
for moses and his flock
will you command as pharaoh did
your army death to walk

whom shall you please
disaster or your babe
who will bleed
choose you this day

breathe in humanity
dig deep inside your past
let memory set you free
to heal yourself at last

and when your eyes are open
to the calling of your soul
it will not be for mammon
love be the only goal