Contagious Yawn

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

knock knock
who’s there
bilderberg group
build-a-bird who?
means nothing to you

talk talk talk
talkin’ all day
what ya sayin’ baby
no time to play
nope, no time to eat
no time for time
while they make time to cheat
no time to fight crime

can’t get the governor
to obey the law
has to catch her jet
to see the pope
blah blah

and all the people say
people say to me
they don’t see
nah, they don’t see

world’s a video game
just a big tv
where fantasy shows
are reality
battle’s too big
keep the tv on
shut off the mind
contagious yawn

had your treat
went to sleep
slept right through
the revolution
but the nightmares you woke up
you learned the fears were all made up
just so they could forge
your new constitution

yeah they lied
so they can spy
now they can kill you with no trial
so tune on in
to WikiLeaks *
where truth is born
no more denial