Do Mad Men Cry

tell me, love
do mad men cry
when they pull the trigger
do they wonder why
when they drop the bombs
on children’s heads
do they question why
the child’s dead

when the man at the top
orders boys to kill
do the boys want to stop
do they shoot at will
tell me, lord
do mad men cry
when they make each other
hurt and die

and what shall we say
to my usa
who thinks torture’s okay
lord, what’s the way
was it this way with Hitler
babes sent to cook
men following bitter
dare even to look

is brainwash enough
to numb a man’s heart
do feelings unplug from the walls
is the brain wired wrong
right from the start
to miss love
for which we’ve been called

is it that man is animal
who enjoys flesh like cannibals
origin of evil hannibal
no rule of law accountable

what makes a man want truth
while another just lives to steal
what makes a man have no couth
when another wants everyone healed

must a man give his life to save
his cause of save humanity
or must he serve out of duty as slave
to evil to save his family