Fantasy Hero

Can you still breathe
when your world’s crashing down
What ought you see
when sad thoughts abound
Dare you believe
anything that you choose
Can you receive
or must you lose

Be there a God
What’cha think of that
A cold harsh rod
or magician’s hat
Who gives you comfort
love, joy and desire
Mends your hurt
provides water and fire

Is the universe
your real true friend
or do you feel hunted
with fear no end
Mind’s an empty sheet of paper
a storyteller’s dream
Draw the world a little brighter
for the hope to find your king

Trust a power reigns supreme
through every toil and mess
who assures the world’s redeemed
Lay down the fuss and stress

The love you lost
your youth
your soul
whatever it may be
There be no cost
the truth be told
Price paid upon a tree

And until the time
wherein the earth
it all be manifest
each day we climb
since day of birth
til end we pass test blessed

Need not be right
in all you do
to keep His love in sight
No need to fight
against all odds
when time to fly a kite

Give in
Let go
of troubles had
Mind’s eye can see it so
Dare dream
that there be
Your fantasy hero