Freedom’s Age of Aquarius

Who do you answer
and who do you not
The crooked preacher
or the orphans who rot

Give eats to the rich
and starve the poor
Diamonds to bitch
while kids sleep on the floor

you let rapists hurt babies
and men cut off clits
and you stand there and watch
as they all take the hit

and the centuries of suffering
of all the world’s pain
when combined it adds up
to what you call gain

you justify
the torment of a child
with the curse of free will
but have time for a smile

gotta get your bride
while you leave us alone
only you can have pride
up there on your throne

you thought it
you bought
you brought it all home
you made it
you trade it
all this you condone

but you’re right
and we’re wrong
as we’re destined for hell
when the time comes
that you ring that bell

something’s amiss
all pieces not here
cannot understand
so instead I just swear

swear at the God
who thunk all of this
prepare for the rod
or perhaps a dismiss

but no matter the thoughts
that quiver the soul
the heavier the lot
until death takes control

cuz the price of freedom
as you hung on the tree
for the coming kingdom
let that be what we see

it won’t always be this way
the time is coming
that’s all we pray

but for thousands of years
all this torture remained
broken in tears
misery’s reign

will the Age of Aquarius
finally come
to clean up the mess
under the sun

had to be this way
for freedom’s sake
calling time limit
on evil’s take