Freedom’s Bloom: Ode to Assange

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

You in your room
me in mine
Both prisoners inside
No sun to shine
Sometimes caught up in gloom
Sometimes touched by divine
Sing the same tune
Say the same rhyme

Outside is a world
crying out for your strength
while the fury unfurled
on another wavelength
The hope of change
gives assurance that we
in our locked little rooms
will set the world free

The moon’s awesome light
does penetrate through
the clouds of the night
to shine upon you
Wake up to the sun
who comes just to say
I’m with you again
and I’m here to stay

So imagine there’s nothing
outside of your door
and all that is something
lies bare on your floor
That the love on the earth
fills the room that you’re in
and all that’s of worth
can be found within

That your words travel far
into all of the hearts
like the hope of a savior
A living rampart
For the truth of the matter
for all to see
is that you’re a pillar
of humanity

The freedoms you carve
for the nations at large
of this they’ve been starved
from those who’re in charge
and the key that you give
of the truths to this world
shan’t be held captive
like this man and this girl

And I pray
that one day
we’ll walk out of these rooms
knowing that
we were trapped
just to come
to full bloom