Good Outlaws

Woke up
to an army of ants
Who says they are little
when they’re all in ur pants

They invaded my popcorn
I left on the oven
But I’ll kill all of them
before I am done

Made me think of the people
who say they’ve no power
So they put up with crime
freedom lost to the coward

Just to think of an ant
who alone cannot speak
but as part of a family
is hard to defeat

They came and they came
and to them seemed no end
But alas I have won
this battle godsend

For if it were not
for this army God sent
I would never have seen
the black widow advent

The alarm of the call
that invaded my home
was just to protect
to alert and forewarn

Never would have noticed
had I not seen the small
that lurking in the background
death towards me crawled

And I’m reminded this day
that the greatest armies
are the one’s who stand united
against poisonous enemies

Though they lived underground
to guard their own cause
at sunrise with no sound
came to me good outlaws