Humanity Warning

calling all cars
calling 1 adam 12
beam me up scotty
cuz the earth is hell

and all the king’s horses
and all the king’s men
say off with their heads
to the ones godsend

mary’s little lamb is dead
got killed in a drone strike
was easy as 1-2-3
like riding the devil’s bike

hail mary full of grace
ur temple made of gold
is stealing all the food from orphans
nope pope won’t have it sold

tick tock the clock is set
for bombs to detonate
gamblers all have placed their bets
increase our own death rate

here comes the sun
all dressed in red
prepare ye for the end
no counting sheep
before your bed
nothing left to defend

which of you
shall leave your beds
before your eyes stay closed
arise before the dead of dawn
for all has been foretold