Internet Outlaws

sales scam ring

don’t think your letters
change anything
They were brought to court
in 2008
now five years later
growin’ into Bill Gates

FBI knows
so does IC3
but they’re all backed up
so I went to the police
nothing happened
the crime ring grows
all the while
everyone knows

GoDaddy knows
they say your mama
ICANN says
I CAN’T help your saga
not an enforcement agency
the sum of all complaints
only hearsay hear ye

and in the constitution state
where the cops broke the law
i got the case to the appellate
where the judges said hurrah
and the chief state’s attorney
told me to write a book
but how that story ends
is the system is a crook

then met a governor out west
who also breaks the law
another oil whore in power
come to eat us raw

wrote hundreds of those letters
the ones meant to rid corruption
made a mockery of the system
nothing changed
justice auctioned

snowballed outta control
judicial system clogged
by men of no souls
stand in line to get flogged
their only goal
suck you inside
their own blackhole
the land of hide

police the police
all is fair in warfare
they can’t do their job
it’s up to us to be there

and that my dear love
is where Anonymous comes in
we’re gonna take back our rights
from the rulers of sin

the geek’s revenge
on skull and bones
Vendetta’s friends
from the crimes of our gov