Julian Assange

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange is CIA.

Julian, Julian
It brings tears to our eyes
that you pay for their crimes
and all of their lies
The powers that be
have you in stalemate
Took your right to be free
To shame their own mistake

But be sure
that while there
there are nations who care
who are fighting and pressing
to end this affair
There are prayers for you
all the days
all the nights
that justice ensue
rescue you from this plight

And as you sleep in the night
may your journeys be sweet
to go fly a kite
and to walk on the beach
May your dreams
take you where
your heart wants to go
mountain hikes
out for fishing
and to see the rainbows

and although it may seem
you’re alone in this mess
take time to daydream
about all your success
cuz when you walk out
of the place you now stay
there’ll be millions and millions
singing praise and hurray !!