King Dog Doo

quiet the mind
from the mess of the slums
whether it be
from hoarders or crumbs

upon Greenwich hill
fortresses of gold
built from the kills
of soldiers untold

mansions of awe
excess insulated
were just houses of straw
wall street fornicated

look down on a man
and beggars on streets
while you raise your right hand
with bloody gold forks to eat

say you can do nothing
or you don’t really care
the pain that is something
to you is not there

all throughout history
was declared the same
empires fall
from men who built shame

as the people uprise
they devour the kings
who’ve put them in chains
and robbed everything

short is the way
from the dirt to the gold
of those who wear crowns
and their slaves on bankroll

whom shall we say
shall save all the sheep
from these wolves who do prey
while awake in your sleep

come out of the house
look down the road
across from web corner
there sits a toad

a prince from a frog
on Robin Hood road
he’s got the war logs
lies only borrowed

so close we all are
as we open the lids
see under the rocks
all the crimes that were hid

and all the kings horses
and all the kings men
shall fall from their thrones
for evil again

alas in this age
where all’s intertwined
the man in the cage
may be jailed or just blind

but all will be free
from the chains of mankind
for God be the one
who says vengeance is mine

bringing down the empires
WikLeaks He doeth send
called in the umpire
new game on the mend

new rules
here’s the game
catch me if you can
Caught cha !!
We Gotcha !!!
now King Dog Doo’s your name