King Love

Dare to dream
dare to love
dare to fight for what’s right
dare to open your mind
to courage insight
surrounded by things
that can get in the way
but what matters most
is what your heart can say

Day in and day out
we search the whole earth
for the answers to freedom
and humanity birth
the weight of the world
ought not be on us
we who love people
truth and justice

Take my hand
I’ll take yours
and we’ll reach for the sky
and may God Himself
reach back to us
pull us high
just enough to be placed
up above all the mess
to reach back
and pull up
all those in distress

who is my love
where art thou my king
art you man
art You god
’tis to you i wish sing
though Christ I admire
and all my faith be
yet I say to you now
it is you that I need

I speak charge to this dream
impart in the man
who shares all my zeal
and my zest in Your plan
to end the oppression
of woman and man
from the words of my lips
I pray
we all can

hold tight
and hold fast
eternal hope’s call
be our strength
hear me now
the spirit knows all
‘twas never intended
that man be alone
it time
to believe
that our love
be atoned