Legal Outlaws

Sorry … this poem was written before Sands discovered Assange, Manning & Brown are CIA.

now is the time
for all to see
if they’ll put us in jail
for our poetry
so get out your bugles
your horns
and your signs
and fill up the streets
with your psalms
and your rhymes

be quiet
don’t speak
of the evils instead
for if they are listening
they may blow off your head

Bradley Manning
Jeremy Hammond
and newsman Barrett Brown
tried to stop
all the cannons
by going to town
and telling all people
like Julian Assange
to start all the marching
on the streets
with their songs

but the army didn’t like that
no they threw them in jail
and decided to kill them
so they had to skip bail
would not even try them
for the crime of truth tells
they’ve been caught
and now tortured
for whistles and bells

Paul Revere, Guinevere
can you look down from Heaven
and get to the crowds
can you stir and then help them
save their own country
from the hands of the law
now our own enemy
is the legal outlaw

like the cuckoo bird comes
all the day all the night
and the morning doves coo
with no end in sight
can the cock crow three times
to signal the kiss
to summon the people
to reckon justice

here’s the plan
we expose
all the lies of the men
who’ve sent
to their death
in the war
our children

is the war
we ought fight
the same of our fathers
to take back our freedoms
from sisters and brothers

rise up
fear not your own fight
for the fearless are many
to take back our rights
yes, man and computer
live as cyborg
we’re Anonymous now